• Ultimate Shoot

    Ultimate Shoot

  • let us pay for it

    let us pay for it

  • ... and the Honeymoon?

    ... and the Honeymoon?

  • Backstage<br/> Meet & Greet

    Meet & Greet

  • Part with the points...  not the charity

    Part with the points... not the charity

  • Have your Cake...<br/>and eat it (too)

    Have your Cake...
    and eat it (too)

  • Double the Fun...</br>not the Points

    Double the Fun...
    not the Points

We can show you how to take an asset (that costs you nothing) and convert it into bottom line cash savings of $20,000 to $70,000 annually


Image DescriptionGP Reciprocal began in 2007 in order to fulfill a need in the marketplace for optimizing the value of credit card and airline points belonging to companies and individuals. Our approach is innovative in that we act more like a wealth manager than a trade facilitator while still providing a reciprocal solution that is highly creative.

We find many clients waste hundreds of thousands of points with “double miles” tickets, poorly valued purchases (due to inflated valuations), and do not consider the tax advantages gained taking a more sensible approach to their disposition.

We work on a performance basis derived from the net benefits attained for our clients, not only by the facilitation of savings, but by keeping you informed with our selection of the plethora of promotions allowing you to double your elite status awards, get matching points, and save five figures on business/first class travel expenses.

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